◆ Type: sailboat◆ Length: 17,15 mt◆ Guests: 8◆ Cabins: 4

Fata Frettolosa - Dufour 56

General description

This 17-meter yacht associates with refined design and spectacular innovations. It embodies the audacity of a cutting-edge project that has retained the power of a yacht in a sailboat designed to provide the most intense sensations at sea. The Dufour 56 Exclusive boasts a very balanced hull, with a powerful stern section, a submerged shallow surface and thin appendages to the water exits. Its high ballast ratio and stability of the hull allow the sailboat to support powerful equipment without sacrificing comfort and safety on board. The sail plan has been developed to guarantee maximum performance with minimum effort.

On board, the Dufour 56 Exclusive offers all the comfort and luxurious features of a yacht, while still meeting the needs of sailing enthusiasts. With flowing curves, elegant vertical portholes, horizontal windshield and rounded corners, this 56-foot sailboat offers stunning aesthetics. It stands out for its meticulous craftsmanship, accompanied by very functional design elements. The result: a unique internal profile, centered on a magnificent living space.

The Dufour 56 Exclusive, emblematic model of the new Exclusive range, created in the name of luxury and comfort, boasts an aesthetic that meets the highest demands. This 17 meter sailboat with modern elegance has luxurious features and dynamic lines.
Year: 2016
Legth: 17,15 mt
Baim: 5,05 mt
Crew: 2
Guests: 8
Cabins: 4
Max speed: 24 knots
Engines: 110 (150 cv opt.)
Cruise speed: 8 knots
  • Arir conditioning

  • Wi-Fi

  • TV SAT in cabin

  • Hi-fi stereo with CD player

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